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How To Create The Perfect Ambience For Your St Valentine’s Day Celebrations

How to Create the Perfect Ambience for Your St Valentine’s Day Celebrations

How to Create the Perfect Ambience for Your St Valentine’s Day Celebrations

It’s St. Valentine’s Day! Time to pull out all of the romantic stops and celebrate love. If you aren’t in the mood for sitting in a crowded restaurant, why not plan the perfect Valentine’s Day at home?

Here are our tips to turn your home into a gorgeous haven of romance.

1. Set the table and the mood

The way to the heart is through the stomach! Whether you are planning to start your day off with a romantic breakfast or cooking up an evening feast, or even set your table for the occasion.

Lay your table with a crisp white table cloth to create the feeling of your own private restaurant. Dress your table with an exquisite vase of flowers containing dramatic red roses (if you are lucky perhaps a gift) does anything say Valentine’s like roses? Of course, you will want to dim the lights and light some candles for a lovely cosy atmosphere. Don’t forget to sit closely and enjoy the intimacy of your own private restaurant.

2. Get Scent – sual

It is well known that certain smells act as an aphrodisiac. While you should opt for unscented candles for your meal before you retire to the living room to relax make sure that you have lit some glorious scented candles. The key here is to enhance relaxation so choose scents that conjure up feelings of content, a favourite desert, lying on a beach, cosy nights in. 

Some of the most romantic scents are:












Light plenty of candles in complimentary scents for a sensual glow and gorgeous aroma.


3. Lounge of Love

For an evening of snuggling on the sofa devouring a heart shaped box of chocolates and a glass of fizz you will want your living room set up ready for relaxing. If you have a fire light it before hand to make the room lovely and cosy, forget overhead lights, switch on lamps to complement your candles adding to the allure of your living room.

There is something about a particularly strokable fabric that makes you feel warm, fuzzy and super relaxed. Pile your sofa high with soft sumptuous cushions and throws.

Imagine cuddling up on our fabulous Mark Sofa it is the epitome of comfort. The curvaceous design is begging to be lounged upon. The deep, buttoned seat cushions offer a soft base to sink into, the sumptuous velour creates a warm and soft ambience and the high arms envelop you as you relax and enjoy your evening.

Mark Sofa


4. Colour your evening happy

If you didn’t already know red is the colour synonymous with love. But did you know that red has a physical effect on the body similar to that of the feeling of love? Red actually makes the heart beat faster. If you are looking to add some St. Valentine’s Day specific décor like cushions, candles, decorations or flowers then red is the colour to go with. Don’t be fooled by reds close cousin pink, although similar in appearance pink has the opposite effect to red, lowering heart rate and promoting a tranquilising affect.


5. Disconnect to reconnect

We are all guilty of spending too much time on our devices and not being present in the moment. Be sure to switch your phones off and make a point of really connecting with each other. Romantic nights come but once in a while. Take full advantage of St. Valentine’s Day and spend some time with your loved one and just them, no distractions.

Of course, we understand if you have followed these tips you will have set a gorgeously romantic scene worthy of Instagram! Make sure you take your pictures before switching off your phone so you can devote your undivided attention to each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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